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I am a 500 hr Certified Yoga Teacher in the Madison area. I have taught in studios (Bliss Flow Yoga, Earthview Yoga, Kula Yoga) since I received my certification in 2013 and founded Madison Outdoor Yoga to offer donation based - accessible classes for everyone.  


My classes are a taught in an all levels flow style that are good for all body types and shapes.  It is my firm belief that yoga be accessible to everyone.


I received my 200 hour in the Vinyasa Tradition .and have just completed my 300 hour training with an emphasis in Kundalini Yoga.  Whether you are joining my classes as a beginner or an advanced yogi - there is always space to explore your own practice.  


"I am learning to trust the journey even when I don't understand it" - Mila Bron



Outdoor Yoga

Madison Outdoor Yoga is a free group for yoga enthusiasts or yoga beginners that want to take their practice outside. We practice in parks in and around Madison, but we are open to any location that will have us. The classes are free and so is membership to this group. The only requirement is an open mind and an affinity for trying new things. All skill levels are welcome.


Kundalini Classes

Kundalini Yoga is a type of yoga focused on energy movement involving repetitive movement, singing and chanting. My classes involve quick efficient practices that can release stored emotions and stuck energy within the body.  

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